Even so it was with me when I was young
(All's Well that Ends Well)

The Manakin

The Three Daughters of Matsundra Nagaswamy

A Postcard from Picasso

When Trains Had Wheels

Get Ready, Get Set ... Jump

My Dear Albert


Just Us

A little book of two adult fairy tales. 'If you thought true love was complicated and out of reach, read these two short works from a master story-teller. Julian Thomas reminds us, by using his exquisite powers of observation, that being yourself, having a conversation and being respectful are all the ingredients you need to set yourself on the right path.' [Buy the paperback from Amazon UK or Waterstones, or read an extract.]


The Bridge

Versions of the seven stories above, including The Manakin, are available in this paperback from FeedARead.


Namesake and Other Stories

A collection of witty, joyous, and sensitive revelations about human behaviour written for the pleasures they will give, and the thoughts they may provoke. [Buy the paperback from FeedARead, or read an extract.]


Walk With Me, Always

A story of friendship set in west Wales between Aneurin, an abandoned baby now living with adoptive parents in a hill village once dependent on lead mining, and Zakila from Birmingham who is crippled by polio. Two faiths: one friendship. Powerful in sensitivity and tenderness. [Buy the paperback from FeedARead, or read an extract.]

The World's Too Busy

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